NFL 2010 Kickoff

Today is the day that I have been waiting for since the Lakers won their 2nd NBA championship in a row. After going throught withdrawl from team sports with only baseball (zzzz….) to tide me over, football is back!

I’ll have more to say later, but I’m unbelievably excited for a rematch of the NFC Championship game with the champs from last year, the New Orleans Saints open the season against the Minnesota Vikings.

I’m picking the Saints to win for the following reasons:

1. Sean Payton/Drew Brees: these two are tied because they need each other to execute the genius level of football we have come to expect from them.

2. the Vikings are wounded: Farve isn’t as hungry as the past few seasons he’s come back after “retiring”. Sidney Rice is out, and Percy Harvin still suffers from migraines. Worse, I’m scared to see how much chemistry Farve has with the players after missing all of training camp and playing very little during the pre-season.

3. Reggie Bush: After everything going down with the Heisman and USC trying to make everyone forget that he was the best player they have ever had (which, btw, is not working), I have a feeling that he will be hungry. I was originally worried that it could affect him mentally, but after thinking about the fact that he has a Superbowl ring, a National Championship (which may get wiped as well), and has dated Kim Kardashian, the Heisman getting taken away and going to Vince Young (who arguably deserved it in the first place) and denounced by USC seems kinda unimportant. Plus, he’s still gets to wake up everyday and remember that it could be much worse: here’s looking at you, Matt Leinhart.

Now, lets watch some football. This game should make me forget that they picked Taylor Swift to perform and the NFL continues its love affair with country and folk music.


~ by Kinda Random Sports on September 10, 2010.

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