Player Union Reaction

NFL fans got a little something extra last night right before the start of the first game of the season. Immediately after the national anthem performed by Colbie Cailet (who did a really good job. Guitar was a nice touch), the Saints and Vikings players walked onto the field and held up their fingers signaling that they are unified in the disagreements with the owners.

I admit that I don’t know much about what is going on with the negotiations, but I do know that they are serious enough to threaten the entire 2011 season. I will comment later on that when I know more about it.

What I do want to discuss is the reaction. From what I have heard from outlets such as ESPN is that fans are angry. The question is why? It didn’t affect the effort of the players on the field. I guarantee that no one in the stadium was thinking about it once the Vikings kicked off.

It was actually great to see the solidarity. Look, the NFL is entertainment. The owners are in it to make money. Say what you will about the players. You may say some are selfish. But look at is this way: even if a player plays for money, he still had to come up through multiple level’s of amateur leagues before being awarded to get paid (unless you dated a Kardashian). The owner’s NEVER can say that. Sure they want championships and successful teams. That’s the point of the game. But the point of the BUSINESS is to make money. That’s the long and short of it. If it was only to win championships, owners wouldn’t be needed. To my knowledge, no owner has played for the team he owns, or any pro team at all. In fact I’m not aware of any owner that played at a major college. They BOUGHT their teams. And I doubt they bought them with money made from working for the organization for an extended period of time.

It angers me sometimes when I hear of people getting upset with a player for trying to get more money or benefits. That’s the business side. If I had a window of time, say 10 years where I could use my talent to become a multi-millionaire, I’m going to try to make as much as I can. You would too so don’t say you wouldn’t. Sure there is a line, but we only see what the outcome is. We are never there when inside meetings take place. No owner is going to come out and say:

“Sure, so and so deserves the money. But I don’t want to pay him that much because that’s less money for me.”

Give me a break. If the players came out and started a brawl, there would be weeks upon weeks of talk about how the unity of players has degenerated since the old days and how this is a bad example to kids, blah blah blah…. No. It was encouraging and to put it bluntly, as American as football itself. You may not agree with what the players want. But you can not be angry for them banding together in a peaceful, tasteful non hostile, even silent display of unity.

You want the players to shut up and play? Maybe you should just shut up and watch. You may feel differently come 2011.

Peek the vid and get another opinion here:;_ylt=AuoNm16RqDKLfLdFpM7AJA7sYNAF?urn=nfl-268770


In response to the comment I keep hearing from people: “Let’s keep the focus on football.”

This isn’t about football. Football is the game. This is the National Football League. If you want politic free football then pop in Madden 11. Because unless you playing in the backyard with your kids, there’s always gonna be something going on between the players and whoever is in charge.


~ by Kinda Random Sports on September 10, 2010.

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