Vikings 9 – Saints 14

This game was exciting, not pretty. It’s not the classic last year’s NFC championship game was, but it was the perfect way to start the new season. Drew Brees looked good, even though the Saint’s O wasn’t quite the symphony it was last year. But I’m not worried fo


the Saint’s at all.

Their D looked great. Say what you will, but anytime you hold a team with Adrian Peterson and Brett Favre to 9 points, you did something right. On that note, I’m

also not worried about Minnesota. A lot

This look is bad Vikings fans

of what i saw from the Viking O was sloppiness. Favre looked like Justing Timberlake out there-Favre and the receivers just wasn’t in sync. (sorry…its late). But he will get better. If the rumors that doctors have discovered the cause of Harvin’s migraines are true then that could be what determines 2-3 wins for the Vikes.

What I am worried about? Minnesota’s struggles on 3rd down. They are already missingĀ  Chester Taylor, and at the moment, I just don’t see a cure for that in the near future. The Vikings are an incredibly talented team. Peterson will bounce back from a disappointing season last year, but if Favre doesn’t start having fun, the team will suffer. He’s done it all. He has a ring, the records, the love, and even the best season of his career at the age of 39-40. The only thing the game has to offer him is the joy. I just didn’t see that in him today, or in the recent interviews he has given. Even the statement about him returning to play out of obligation is disturbing. Favre has looked haggard, and even worse, I didn’t see the competitive fire in his eyes in the post game interview. But I hope I’m wrong. For Favre’s sake, the Viking’s sake, and the sake of the NFL.


~ by Kinda Random Sports on September 10, 2010.

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