AFC South: Indiannapolis Colts

The Colts struggled the first week. Something I didn’t expect. They have since remedied that the last two weeks.

Losing to the Texas was more of a shock because of the respective histories of the teams, not the quality. Indy had some problems exposed that week. Houston finally played up to their potential and didnt give the game away.

Next week the game was hyped up because of Manning Bowel II. I expected a closer game, but the Colts handled business instead. At times it was almost hard to watch if you are a Giant’s fan. As much as Indy surprised us by struggling the first week, they topped it by running the ball so well against a (supposedly) strong Giant D.

After a good gam

Dwight Freeney

e against the solid and slightly surprising Broncos, Indy is 2-1 and the panic is over. We almost take them for granted since Peyton Manning seems to have his club teasing/frustrating us with dreams of undefeated seasons EVERY YEAR! So now they can play comfortably and do what they do best: WIN

They might have to get used to a little more used to close games within their division though, but with Manning at qb, and a solid D bolstered by Dwight Freeney and tragically ignored Mathis, the Colts will be fine and right there at the end of the year looking for aother Division Title.

UPDATE: check out the link for team stats


~ by Kinda Random Sports on September 28, 2010.

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