MNF: Chicago 21, Green Bay 17

In this NFC North battle I picked the Packers to win this game. So far they had looked great on defense and Aaron Rodgers is becoming one of my favorite QBs period. I pick him to play for me going up against any team in the league. The defense is solid and helps the offense by racking up take aways. The O line is shaky, but Rodgers’ mobility bails them out way more than it should have to. I felt like they would expose the Bears as a team that is overrated this early in the season. Buuuttt….then Green Bay lost.

The look says it all...

I’ve been cautious to hop onto the Bears wagon so far. And I still am. Yes they beat the Dallas Cowboys in week 2 and pulled out a close one at home against the Packers, but those two games have 1 HUGE thing in common: Both opponents played stupidly. Last I heard Green Bay set club record with 18 penalties. That’s ridiculous. It’s hard for any team to win like that.In fact, two of those penalties wiped out interceptions that Jay Cutler threw but wont show up in the stat sheet. On one, pass interference was called that was complete bs as the receiver initiated contact and the defender was turned around looking for the ball in midair. The ball that was intercepted by a completely diff receiver. The NFL needs to change that rule. Then throw in the turnovers and it was like the Cowboy game all over again. And Chicago barely got out with W’s both weeks.

The Bears got help with Devin Hesters return for a touchdown.  Without that, even with the turnovers and penalties, Chicago STILL loses. That’s nothing to be proud of. This all means that the Bears are an opportunistic team, not necessarily a good one. But, then again, opportunistic is exactly what most good teams usually are.


~ by Kinda Random Sports on September 28, 2010.

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