AFC South: Houston Texans

This is something that I never thought I’d do. Writing about the Houston Texas. As a Dallas fan this goes against my very nature, but I will attempt to be unbiased.

The Texans are a confounding team. For about 3 years now fans have been waiting for them to break through and get to the post season. After a near miss last year, 2010 looks like the year. A lot hopped on the bandwagon after the 2-0 start, which while decent is more impressive because of the teams they beat. Beating the Colts was the closest thing to the Super Bowl Houston fans have ever gotten. Kinda sad, but true. For a young franchise that isn’t a bad thing. I wasn’t quite as impressed with the win over Washington, but a win is a win. And against Indy they truly dominated, something not easy to do against the Colts.

In week 3 they lost to the struggling Cowboys. Every Houston fan tried to go into the game like it was a sure win, talking about the 0-2 start in Dallas and how the Texans won in the annual pre-season matchup. But only a week franchise talks

Kevin Walter

about a preseason win. Houston fans were nervous and had the right to be. Because they lost. Bad. And the game wasn’t even as close as the 27-13score made it look with a late score that meant nothing. Dallas dominated on both sides of the ball.

Now usually I would say that Dallas finally played up to capability and it took a rival game to wake them up. But with Schaub,

Willams, Johnson, Foster and overlooked receiver Kevin Walter (16 catches, 207 yrds, team leading 3 tds), Houston matches up very well in talent, so that’s not a good excuse. No, what happened is that Houston got cocky. They felt entitled, got complacent, and then intimidated when things didnt go well. Trust me I know cuz it happens to Dallas all the time.

Week 4 is where we start to see who the Texas really are. How do they respond? They play at the Raiders this sunday in a game they SHOULD win. Oakland is improved, but not good. Not yet. Houston is good, not great. They need to go out and handle business. If they dont panic ensues and it becomes that much harder to get back on track.

Listen to me Texan fans: Your team is finally there. Now pray they learn how to handle the being in the upper tier. Because if they don’t they wont be there for long. Ask your friends up the road. But if you both get it together, we might see an all Texan Super Bowl which would automatically make the best, biggest ever.

UPDATE: check out the link for team stats


~ by Kinda Random Sports on September 29, 2010.

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