AFC South: Jacksonville Jaguars

There isn’t much to say about this team really. They just aren’t very good. Not very bad either. Jacksville falls into that category of mediocrity where they are fodder for the good teams, but still decent enough to win against the horrible clubs most of the time. They simply stand out because, like in real life, the middle class of the NFL appears to be shrinking. Most teams are either good or bad, disappointing or overachieving, surprising or status quo.

If i had to put Jacksville into one category i would go with surprising, if only because this team had been in t

Set this image to repeat all season

he overachieving areathe last few years. They were the stereotypical AFC South team

(except Indy) who were waiting for that breakthrough to challenge for the division crown. Tennessee seemed to be the one to do it, but the Jags were right there. Now it seems like they have been leap frogged by the Texans.

This team is 1-2 in the first 3 weeks. They can turn the season around. They’ve proved resilient in the past. Fans can be encouraged with a win over a decent Bronco team in week one. Week 2 is where it all went downhill. The loss to San Diego was supposed to happen. But not HOW it happened. They were murdered. I didnt see the game, and i’m glad i didnt waste my time watching it.

A game (Vick coming out party) against the Eagles would have been a chance to respond well. But they got worse. 3 points. 3. No one wins only scoring that many points a game. Even Cleveland accidentally stumbles into the end zone every once in a while. David Gerrard has to throw for more than 448 yrds in 3 games. He wouldn’t usually because the Jags are a rushing team. But they aren’t running it well. Jones-Drew doesnt have a touchdown yet and only 217 yards. That explains the lack of scoring. This team is best when they pound it in the red zone. And they need to score because they’re defense isn’t shutting anyone down anytime soon; though that’s hard to do when you on the field the whole game.

In the next 3 games Jacksville plays Indy, at Buffalo, and against Tennessee. Chalk Indy as a loss, Tennessee as well. You wanna be optamistic with a win against the Bills, but the climate change does affect teams. Lucky for the Jags this game is early in season. So now you are looking at a 2-4 start. But after that visit from the Titans, the Jags play surprising Kansas City, a rested Dallas, Houston, Cleveland, and edgy Giants team, @ Tennessee again, Oakland, Indy, Washington and Houston. Out of those 10 games, only TWO are at home. Jag fans, you are legitimately staring at a 4-12 season. And i’m being nice in declaring a win against Oakland. Cleveland has to get at least 1 win a season to prevent being sent to play in Canada so lets hope its not against you.

Guess there was a lot to say after all….just nothing good.

UPDATE: for team stats check out the link


~ by Kinda Random Sports on September 29, 2010.

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