AFC South: Tennessee Titans

Before i get started let me say this: I like the Titans. This team is always fun to watch and i want to see them and, in particular, Jeff Fisher and Vince Young succeed. Now that i got that out of the way, the team needs to start becoming a perennial play off contender because the underdog role only lasts for so long.

Chris Johnson: 2010 MVP?

The good news is that this team is right where they need to be. At 2-1 Tenn is playing well on both sides of the ball. Chris Johnson is averaging 100 yards a game which has to have him in early MVP discussions. His consistent brilliance has allowed Young to throw only 43 passes so far this season. Qb’s on teams with lesser running backs have had to throw that many times in one game. Last week Young thew only 16 passes and completed 10 for 118 yrds. The only worry is if something happens to Johnson this team can say goodbye to the playoffs unless Young decides to do his best Michael Vick impression. Running backs take so much damage in this league and with the amount of touches Johnson gets you hold your breath anytime he takes a hard hit, like the ones he took in a loss to the Steelers.

In the next two weeks they play against Denver and at Dallas, so we’ll get a good look at how good the team is. Those are challenging teams so far and wins against both teams would put the Titans on a lot of people’s maps. Tenn did exactly what it was supposed to do by beating up Oakland and surprised with how well they ran on the Giants. They were in the game against the Steelers who have been playing inspired on both sides of the ball. That loss did show how much the team can be vulnerable when the run is stopped. Dallas is usually strong against rushing teams so that has to be on the team’s mind.

The defense this team plays is so underrated. Remember when they lost Haynesworth and everyone thought they would start giving up points? It looks like he needed them more since he’s pouting in Washington. Their ability to get stops and run the ball on the ground is exactly why Tenn always seems to be there at the end of the game. It’s so hard to put these guys away. They force teams to play them all 4 quarters and sometimes then some.

But i remain excited for this team and it’ll be fun to see them and Houston go at it for the right to challenge Indy as the division kings.

Check out the link for team stats


~ by Kinda Random Sports on September 29, 2010.

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