Fans Views on ‘Boy’s Future

The Cowboys lost another close one again today, and, once again they were plagued by penalties. Dallas is now 1-4 and


Phillips is right to be frustrated


staring at a difficult future schedule. I asked a few fans what they thought about the team and specifically if they thought that the team would make the post-season.

Rachel, 19, feels that they will still make the play offs because “they have the hottest cheerleaders around!” and, more seriously, because they have a proud history and now are “underdogs who she likes to cheer for”. According to Terrance Perry, “in reality Romo is the only problem. I guarantee if he gets replaced they would do way better”. Andreina Guillen is still holding strong telling a fellow fan not to give up. She does share my sentiment though that the penalties are a major problem. And they are.

If the ‘boys have half the penalties, they are an undefeated team. Simple as that. I hope for the sake of the fans and franchise they are just trying to be glamorous and making it interesting. But i dont think they know for sure either….


~ by Kinda Random Sports on October 18, 2010.

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