NBA Teams to Watch

Just thought I’d make a list of the most intriguing teams so far this year. These are the teams i can’t wait to watch. Ranking


Hey...your that guy from the other team right?


or teams may change. Send me your lists too!

1. Miami Heat

2. Los Angeles Lakers

3. Oklahoma City Thunder/Orlando Magic: now officially the “other Florida team”, they are offically pissed

4.New York Knicks/Washington Wizards: hows the backcourt with Arenas and Wall gonna work out?

5.Golden State Warriors: Stephen Curry is so fun to watch

6. Los Angeles Clippers: Healthy Blake Lewis, Baron Davis and Eric Gordon could put up serious points.

7.Chicago Bulls: even tho i dislike Carlos Boozer, i’m so glad they kept Noah. They will be too.

8.Memphis Grizzlies/Milwaukee Bucks: can either young team get to the next level?

9.Atlanta Hawks: fans wont be satisfied as easily this year

10.Boston Celtics: old yes. But Rondo is good and hungry. And we all know how interesting attention hungry people can get.

Honorable Mentions:

Cleveland Cavaliers: just how bad will they be without Lebron?

Toronto Rapters: ditto but with Chris Bosh instead of Lebron.

Sacramento Kings: they cant get much worse. Its time to see how those young guys develop. They’ve got pieces now, time to use them.


~ by Kinda Random Sports on October 18, 2010.

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