NFL Suspensions for Hitting

I’m watching the end of MNF and i just heard that the NFL is going to start suspending players for….hitting each other? Wait…that can’t be right. The whole point of football is to hit each other. I seriously can’t take it anymore. Why do the upper levels of legislation in sports keep trying to take out the very spirit of said sport?

What?! You want MORE blown games? OK

The Commissioner of the MLB refusing replay and challenges of umpire calls even after a perfect game is blown (and admitted by the umpire). Not only do you rob the fans and the pitcher, that umpire is forever the hated guy who blew one of the rarest feats in sports. The fans lose faith in the integrity of the calls.

NBA Ruler David Stern

David Stern, the devil incarnate, is already f-ing things up with the tech rules, disallowed high schoolers from making the jump, over reacts for fighting, blew over a legitimate controversy with corruption among referees, an fines coaches and players for…(gasp!) suggesting that a ref got a call wrong or was biased (cuz THAT never happens..right Donaughy?)

The NFL does the same with its coaches and players concerning the refs. You already can barely touch the quarterback which gets blown out of proportion sometimes (look at the Eli Manning’s Superbowl sack escape), don’t dare touch a punter, even if you block the kick, and don’t hit unprotected receivers. Look, i understand that they are trying to protect players, but protection is better than ever now. What they haven’t looked at is surfaces. Some say artificial turf creates more whiplash effect that causes concussions more than actual hits. And players, current and former, have been coming to the league for years with the desire for more protection for players after they leave the game for injuries they suffer so that the league can make money. And, for years, they’ve gotten ignored. Until recently most fans never even knew of this plight.

Now the league will suspend players, AUTOMATICALLY, for “devastating hits”. Yea…those hits that you can hear/feel through the screen, the hits that really get a game going, those hits that only happen in the biggest rivalry and playoff games, those old school, high fiving, grandpa yelling “now THAT’S how you hit!!” hits…yea those can’t happen anymore

Roger Goodel: He know's what you want! 😉

now. Not in the NFL anyway. Because it “makes audiences cringe”. And these leagues are always all about what the fans want right? If there is anything i love more as a fan, its being told what i like, and being ignored about what i want.

“Hey league, i want college style overtime. No more get the ball first, gain 50 yards and kick a fieldgoal”

League: No you don’t. That takes too long

Me: ok..well can you at least let the more creative players get back to those funny as hell endzone dances? I love those 🙂

League: No. Its bad sportsmanship and sets a bad example fore kids.

Me: ok….well can you at least not penalize teams for celebrating too much in big games? i  mean a leap frog is hardly derogatory in anyway. And we still havent forgotten about Randy Moss fake mooning Green Bay fans and getting fined, but the league said nothing about the Green Bay fans who have been doing it for ages.  Or what about the Lambeau Leap? That can get annoying to see over and over again.

League: No comment. Moss is a jerk. and its tradition.

Me:..=|….F u guys!

I can’t say im surprised. This is the same league that tried to completely alter how a qb hikes the ball during preseason and prepares for a defense pre-snap. It took penalties on the last great playcalling qb (Peyton Manning) to get that thrown out. The good news tho? There won’t be any guidelines as to what constitutes as a devastating hit. So the refs get to randomly decide based on opinion, or the league is review or whoever. So one guy may think it’s a legit hit. As long as it doesnt cause animals to randomly migrate in fear its legal. Another guy might see the ball carrier get up slowly and say it’s gone too far.

The leagues that are always concerned about losing fans, but yet today there are more fans, even casual sports fans that are turning away from the pros to the more passionate college versions.

I’m done ranting for now..but i might be back later. Homework and such. But i’m officially pissed. Hockey fans, pray that your sport doesnt grow in popularity, because the NHL might start cutting those fights back. After all…they wouldnt want to lose any fans now would they?


~ by Kinda Random Sports on October 19, 2010.

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