The TCU Debate

WOW! i could make my entire blog about this situation and there still wouldn’t be enough space. I’m focusing on TCU because they seem to be taking the brunt of the attention right now.

The problem right now is that due to an old school way of thinking. There just simply can NOT be 2 BCS busters competing for a championship berth. The big wigs are having a hard time handling it. TCU got penalized in the rankings this week for having a close game against San Diego State which is utterly ridiculous. San Diego is a much better team than given credit for with a record of 7-2 before TCU with a win against then ranked Air Force and a narrow loss to Missouri earlier. Combine that with the fact that they gave the Frogs trouble at home means that they are not an opponent to be taken lightly. Which only adds to the Frogs gutsy, champion style win against them, even after one of their coaches suffered a heart attack on the sideline during the first quauter. So many teams buckle under the pressure at this time of the season, and TCU rose above against a quality team.



~ by Kinda Random Sports on November 15, 2010.

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