Texas A&M End of Season Thoughts



Sign for seasons to come?

My Aggies finished 9-3 this year, ending the season on a 6 game win streak to rise to 19 in the BCS standings. This is incredible. To be honest, very few people expected this. No one expected Texas to have such a horrible season either, but that takes no one away from TAMU.

Is this a fluke? I dont think so. Coach Mike Sherman has had time to work in his system and to see it develop. He has plenty of young players around him and the team has seen improvements where it needed them most: the defense.

I’ll post more on them as i come across news, but i have to say a few things here. The Aggies are posed to continue to grow into a force in the Big 12 over the next few years. While Texas was weak this season, TAMU still beat other powers Oklahoma and Nebraska, upstart Baylor, and should have won the game against Oklahoma State. That’s the game that came back to hurt them.

With that win they are 10-2 against a team ranked for a good part of the season. The game against Arkansas was winnable if not for the mistakes the Aggies made. Missouri was the only game that was a blowout, though i get the feeling that had that game occurred at the end of the season it would have been a different outcome.


~ by Kinda Random Sports on December 5, 2010.

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