Western Conference Dominates Top 10

Dallas Mavericks Guard Jason Terry, Right, Stuffs

Jason Terry

I want to give out my power rankings for the NBA this week. After the weekend I know that teams have made turns whether for best or the worst.

  1. Mavericks – the leagues longest current win streak and they’ve beat the Spurs, Jazz, Heat, Hornets, Celtics, Nuggets and Thunder. Pretty much every other team in my top 10. Better yet? They’ve won while not at full strength, using defense over a very short span. Somthing like 4 games over 5 days is no joke.
  2. Spurs – Had the longest streak of the year going before they ran into Dallas. Tim Duncan isn’t even the best player on the team this year and they are still getting it done. This team’s championship window never closes.
  3. Celtics – They’re bench is coming up huge. Rondo was out and they still got the W thanks to some help from Nate Robinson. When they get healthy they’ll be even harder to handle
  4. Jazz – lost a tough one to Dallas at home, ending they’re streak at 7 wins. But Deron Williams should/will be in the MVP discussion. He, coach Jerry Sloan, and that organization may be the most overlooked, underrated trio in sports today.
  5. Magic – a little inconsistent, but they seem to be getting it going. Howard is MVP status as usual, and his offensive game has continued to improve. The defense may be his best yet as well.
  6. Heat – after the debacle at Dallas (where else?)  there were new questions about the respect the coach had, along with chemistry issues. Seems like all it took was a thrashing at Cleveland. Maybe Bron was just stressed abt that game and needed to get it over with. The trinity is playing well. Still no backup, or a real pg (cough…Lebron). For the first time they are comfortably over .500 and its looking up. No one wants to play these guys.
  7. Hornets – Once again another team that got beat by Dallas. They turned around and beat them tho as the clubs split 2 close games. If Paul wants to be traded he not playing like it. They faltered a bit lately, but they are fine. Playoff contender for sure.
  8. Lakers – I know, they are too low. But this is my way of punishing them for dropping 4 straight and giving ppl a chance to talk. This team will beat anyone on any day. They just have to stay focuses, and healthy. I know they have Kobe, but that shouldn’t stop Pau Gasol from gettin MVP consideration…should it? Odom and Brown are playing lights out, and Blake and Barnes are super solid off the bench. When Bynum comes back and Artest gets it together they’re as dangerous as anyone.
  9. Thunder – I wondered how they were going to live up to the pressure and hype after threatening the Lakers last year. So far so good. No one saw the Spurs, Jazz and Mavs being where they are, but OKC isn’t far away. Durant isn’t fully healthy, but so far Westbrook is the best player this season. Is it even possible for him to be considered Most Improved Player after he was so good last year?
  10. Nuggets – Carmelo is playing hard and George Karl is doing well. Thats all they ever ask for. The fact that JR Smith is doing his part is a bonus. Im kinda expecting them to crash tho. But we’ll see.
  11. Pacers – yea…the Pacers are surprisingly competent. Who knew?
  12. Hawks – Talented? yes. Other than that i dont know much more than you do about them.
  13. Bulls – Derrick Rose is playing lights out. Kyle Korver has fit in great and they get Boozer back. Their stock could be on the rise.
  14. Suns – if Steve Nash is running your team, you are automatically better than half of the league. He’s that special.
  15. Warriors – Stephen Curry is not 100%. I just dont believe it. But he and Monta Ellis have been keeping them afloat. Getting David Lee on the floor will help. This team wants to win. Now they just have to figure out how.
  16. Grizzlies – Kinda like the Hawks. Young, talented, athletic. But inconsistent. Rudy Gay is making the ownership look good for spending all that money on him tho.
  17. Knicks – Amare has brought a swagger to NY again. Something they haven’t had in forever. Gallinari may be the most important right now tho. When he plays well, they win.
  18. Trail Blazers – i feel bad for this team. I really do. They get disappointed almost as much as Cleveland, but hey didnt get to enjoy their number 1 pick at all. Cleveland got Lebron for 7 seasons. Portland would take that anyday. Still scrappy tho, they will fight for the playoffs. But if Roy stays hurt, idk if they can pull it off this year.
  19. Cavaliers – yea…better than i thought they’d be. But blew the chance to earn respect by groveling at Lebron’s feet in the return. Its gotta be all downhill from here tho right?
  20. Bucks – they got a taste of the big time last year. Its easy to get there on instinct. Repeating on purpose? That’s the hard part.
  21. Bobcats – MJ is trying to get them over that hump. But outside going out on the court and doing it himself i’m not sure he’s figured out how yet tho.
  22. Nets – better than last year 🙂 but Harris can not be injured. Otherwise its back to the cellar. Right now they are on the steps up to first floor. The effort is never lacking tho
  23. Kings – would be lower if not for the impressive display against the Mavs the other night. They led for most of the game and played well as a team. Giving up the lead and the game to a team on the 2nd game of its umpteenth back – to – back tho? Nooottt ok. smh
  24. Rockets – Biggest disappointment of the year so far. Scola is playing great. But when he’s the only guy you’re talking about on this team, things arent going right.
  25. Rapters – this team is where i thought the Cavs would be. Good news? They score 101 a game. Bad news? They give up 102…
  26. Wizards – John Wall is amazing! too bad he’s hurt. whatever happened to Arenas? This team has potential, and for some reason i expect them to push for a .500 finish if healthy by the All-Star Break
  27. Pistons – remember when this team was at least playing for the Eastern Conference Championship every year? Well this isnt that team. Its a team of talented, respected veterens and young try hard no names. Maybe they can turn it around, but i dont see it coming. Getting T-Mac didnt help at all. I havent even wanted to see these guys play.
  28. Clippers – they battle the Wizards as funnest bad team to watch. Save your time tho. Just tune into Sports Center to get your nightly Blake Griffin highlight. He could get hurt and miss every game from now til the end of the season and i still do no less than have him split the Rookie of the Year award with Wall. Right now, whoever is on the team with the best record is going to win it.
  29. Timberwolves – Kevin Love is amazing and playing for Team USA this year improved him greatly. 30 and 30?! Are you serious?! Getting out of Miami has done wonders for Beasley as well. That’s about all thats happening with this team tho. They are building a core. I expect to see them string together some wins later in the season and have my eye on them for next season.
  30. 76ers – this team sucks. that is all.  i think they have a high profile rookie on their team. but im not sure. it doesnt make much difference either way.

~ by Kinda Random Sports on December 6, 2010.

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