Flip Saunders Benches Mcgee

Last night during the Washington Wizards 12th loss of the season, JaVale McGee took a breakaway during the third quarter, threw it off the backboard and slammed it with both hands. Apparently, this didn’t go over so well with his coach Flip Saunders.

Saunders proceeded to bench McGee shortly after left him there. Saunders felt that the play was more appropriate for a dunk contest, and that certain players seek style over substance. Or some bull like that.

Whatever his reason, Saunders is a Flipping (see what I did there?) idiot. Look, your team is 1-12. I haven’t seen a single Wizards game this season, and I don’t plan to. I hear that John Wall isn’t even killing it like he was last year. They are, therefore, unwatchable. But they have their fans, who deserve to be entertained and uplifted. They know their team sucks. They have for years now. Pretty much their entire existence has consisted of being horrible. The franchises sole offering to basketball during the modern era has been to prove that Bullets are too violent to be associated with a sports team and bringing Michael Jordan back to us for a short time just to prove to all of us that yes, he could still get it done while being one of the older players in the league.

Surely Flip Saunders is aware of the fact that his team’s struggles don’t come from flashy dunks. Yes they were trailing the Rockets at the time, but they were close. Hell, they’ve been trailing most teams most of the time this year. If they were up 20 points would that have really made it ok? You can’t choose when to be old school Flip. JaVale McGee had an open opportunity and he decided to entertain the fans a bit. I’m sure they appreciated it. Yes he could’ve laid the ball in, but before you talk about the odds of a miss let me remind you we’ve seen guys blow those before.

The coach has to be frustrated along with the players and the fans, so next time Flip at least let the guys have some fun and give the paying fans something to cheer for. Plus, that dunk wasn’t worthy of the All Star Weekend anyway. There are 15 year old point guards doing that in the gym down the street. Kobe throws it off the back board while guarded by 3 people to circumvent having to pass to a teammate. Welcome the 2012 Saunders. The world ends in 11 months so try new school for a while. What more do you have to lose?


~ by Kinda Random Sports on January 17, 2012.

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