NBA Finals 2012

I can’t believe it. The NBA Finals are here and the teams representing the East and West are the exact one’s I called at the beginning of the year. The Miami Heat are taking on the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Who’s the best in the NBA?

It’s Big 3 against Big 3 in what could be the most exciting championships the NBA has had in a while.David Stern is happy. He got two long Conference Championships and plenty of eye candy in the battle for the chip. KevinDurant, Russel Westbrook and James Harden are taking on a newly clutch Lebron James, an inconsistent Dwayne Wade and an apparently healthy and confident Chris Bosh

It’s going to be a treat watching these 3 go head to head. But just like last year’s battle between the Heat and Mavericks, the better TEAM will win. That should mean that the Thunder take this one. The scoring of Durant and James could cancel each other out and the drives of Westbrook and DWade could do the same. How well Bosh and Harden play will be much more telling about the fate of the series and an injury to any of the players mentioned would spell doom for their team’s chances.

However, inevitably, one of these stars will have a bad game or two and the bench will have to pick up the slack. That benefit so far belongs to the Thunder. They enjoy better post defending meaning their stars don’t have to do so much on that side of the ball. The presence of Kendrick Perkins, Nick Collins and Serge Ibaka will be instrumental in slowing down the forays of James and Wade. If the Thunder can force the Heat 3 to be jump shooters they win in a sweep. Miami’s bench hasnt showed up the whole playoffs (season) nor have the other 2 starters. If the Thunder’s starters dont have to expend effort keeping Miami out of the lane and recent x factor Thabo Sefolosha continues shooting well I don’t see a way for the Heat to keep from being overwhelmed.

Of course it’d be foolish of me not to acknowledge the massive talent of the Heat and one thing Miami definitely has over the Thunder is the defensive ability of their stars. While Durant, Westbrook and Harden are no slouches with their effort, but I haven’t seen either one lock down another superstar. Add the fact that Chris Bosh is very fresh due to being injured since the Pacer series and the Heat have a real chance. Combined with their superior experience and the fact that Westbrook’s shoot first mentality can sometimes derail the Thunder offense, Miami could steal one in OKC to turn the series in their favor.

My nod for coaching easily goes toward Brooks of OKC over Spolestra. If this series comes down to coaching adjustments then it’s over for Miami. I also trust Mo Cheeks to keep Westbrook focused on distributing and keeping the offense flowing. If all else fails, Brooks wont hesitate to give playoff vet Derek Fisher big minutes at point and simply move Westbrook to the 2.


~ by Kinda Random Sports on June 12, 2012.

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